11 / 02 / 2014

FullFill in Dubai

We cannot think of a better way to start off 2014 than this!

In 2013 we had the chance to contribute towards a branding project for a passionate group of creative minds in Dubai. What started as a simple e-mail on 22 April 2013, turned into a series of skype calls, idea exchange, and eventually in January 2014, a new partnership between us is born. 

We took a trip to Dubai to meet up with our new partners, and had some unforgettable, inspiring, eye-opening experience while we were there. It was a unique city in its own rights, a beautiful balance between the modern world and cultural heritage, a harmonious composition of attention to details, colossal structures, and diversity. 

However, while our trip was nothing short of exciting, there's an even bigger thing coming up in the near future. Watch this space to find out!

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