11 / 02 / 2014

Spark Awards

Each flame starts with a spark they say. 

We definitely look forward to start an inferno from our newly acclaimed Spark Award for our Koultoura Coffee project! (Insert fanfare sound effect here).

It might not be the coveted Gold Award, but it is a start for us, and we always seek to improve things as we go. Credit goes to every mind, body and soul at FullFill of course. The courier who tirelessly move from one place to another delivering our mock-ups, our accounting & finance guy who keeps the expenses checked and pay the bills so that our power doesn't get cut off by the power company while working through the night, our office housekeeper who always dilligently clean up our mess every night so that we can make an even bigger mess the next day (and always makes us coffee), our project managers who keep the project on track (and keep weird requests at bay), and last but not least, the creative team who made the kickass visuals.


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