07 / 03 / 2015

Simon, His Sons, and The Revival of Prohibition Era

It's been a fun-filled week for us. This time we got the opportunity to adorn the walls at Simon & Sons, a new cafe concept that we created in Jambi. It's a brand that we based on a fun twist on rethinking the existing famous characters and made our own version. 


On another note, still on the same week, we brought to life The Roaring 1920's through our work for The Prohibition. A new restaurant and speakeasy bar that invites you to experience the prohibition era while enjoying good food, great company, exquisite cigars and flawless malt whiskies (or some other prohibition era concoctions). 


Our branding works extend to enhance the brand experience through environmental artworks such as murals, framed artworks or infographics where applicable. While creating such artworks for an already established brand is just as exciting for us, we prefer to do it as an integral part of our work. 


We hope everyone who enters these establishments will enjoy them as much as we did creating them 


Meanwhile, Simon says: "Have a Cohiba 1966 and pair it with Glendronach 21 Years Parliament"

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