Ad Infinitum


A meticulous papercraft created for a fancy paper company in Jakarta, Indonesia. The final result is used as a joint collaboration between us and other graphic studios to construct the year-end collateral for the paper company


Nowadays, producing artwork almost always means spending hours on end in front of our computer screen. When we had the privilege to contribute to this collection of work, we took a step back and ditch the computers in our mind. The artwork depicts the continued transformation in our society that is propelled forward by the four interdependent engines, namely Society, Industry, Technology and Culture which are symbolized as the four sections of a butterfly's wing - a perfect symbol of positive transformation. We spent countless hours having fun with paper with this project. Outlining, drawing, cutting (both paper and sometimes our fingers accidentally), folding, and gluing. It's practically first grade crafting class all over again. But to say that we are proud with the result, is an understatement.

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