art direction / branding / creative direction / graphic design

Beauty is skin deep. But the thing is, everyone wants to look beautiful, and that's exactly why skin matters. HAR is short for Health, Aging and Rejuvenation, which are the three solutions offered by HAR Derma Solution. 


HAR Derma Solution offers both invasive and non-invasive treatment, which means they are a very serious clinic, and that needs to show starting from their identity. It's commonly known that our skin has three different layers, and that also coincides nicely with HAR's three different "layers" of treatment, so we're basing the main identity from the visualization of these three layers. They are intentionally made a little "messy" as to illustrate the organic nature of our skin. As for the application of the brand on their products, we're keeping it clean to maintain the clinical look while still being distinguishable from other brands in the industry, a more casual approach if you like.

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