Koultoura Coffee

art direction / branding / creative direction / environment design / illustration

Koultoura is the pioneer of modern stand alone coffee shops in West Jakarta, and seeks to capture the market for good coffee as well as the casual coffee drinkers, mostly residents of the nearby area. We were tasked to deliver a comprehensive branding suit that will capture a wide range of market, define its presence and personality as place to go for good coffee, and a hip hangout place.


"Fun" was the first word that came to mind when we were briefed for this particular project... and that's all we had during the process: Tons of F-U-N. We approached the project in a casual way, trying to convey coffee as the drink that jolts you, energize, and wake the real you inside. This is represented by the characters that we created for the brand, with each character representing the different youth personalities these days. We also have the imagination that these "inner animals" (The bear, owl, fox, and rabbit) actually live within you, and as we see it, a cup of coffee brings them to life (pictured in the mural). So, which one are you?

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