ONNI Flower Market

art direction / branding / environment design / illustration

Flowers are beautiful, and for that reason most people perceive it as an object of special occasion only. Onni Flower market seeks to reverse the stereotype by creating a concept that flower is suitable for any occasion, any day, because each and every day is special in its own way. To achieve this, Onni has strategically placed their outlets at supermarkets and malls supported with a welcoming and warm design.


The initial idea is to recreate a traditional flower shop, one that resembles warmth and vintage feel when it comes to selecting flower. And why not? Flower selection is a very personal experience. Onni knows their flowers, and definitely knows how to assist anyone who walk into their store looking for the perfect flower for the day. Our design to support this is best described as effortless and understated, combining the deep green color, wood and a splash of faded floral colors to top it off.

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