The Playroom

branding / creative direction / environment design / graphic design / illustration / print design

They got a massive space to work with with and we got big ideas at play. The Playroom is the spot for you and your fun and famished friends. You can play billiards, shoot some darts, watch a football match, and beat your friends at beer pong – all at The Playroom.


“Beyond the Wall” was our concept from the beginning. There’s the element of the unknown and the unexpected, as The Playroom is the first venue of its kind at North Jakarta. So we thought of unusual creatures –monsters, but friendly ones of course. There’s the Yeti, your walking dartboard. The Octopus-haired Lady who is a beer-pong champion. The long-legged giant who loves to play soccer. Lastly, there’s the airborne dwarf, who doesn’t let his physical limitations stop him from beating you at billiard.

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