art direction / branding / environment design / graphic design / illustration / print design

Most of us, and the people we know, were not around during the prohibition era in the 1920s. We all learn about the prohibition era through movies, posters, articles, or stories that propagate across generations. 

What if you could experience the prohibition era for yourself? Maybe not by joining some shady underworld and become an outlaw, but at least the atmosphere, glam and loudness of the roaring twenties.


Building The Prohibition brand was as much a creative exploration as it was a learning experience. To recreate the experience during the era, we had to learn much about the gangsters of the 20s, habits, and the underground ethics exercised by the gangsters of the era. The brand was divided into two distinct parts: The chophouse (restaurant) open for public, and the speakeasy bar with limited access. The chophouse brand was designed with the roaring twenties in mind, loud and maximalist, whereas the speakeasy part of the brand was designed with minimalist approach, using only a “P” insignia to communicate the secretive nature of the speakeasy bar. The brand extends to how we treat the menus as well. We intended the menus to be inconspicuous, masquerading the drinks menu as record albums, wine menu as postcard collection, and the cigar menu inside actual cigar boxes. So, put on your best suit, but leave the tommy gun at home, and experience the roaring twenties at The Prohibition. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.

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