art direction / branding

Amidst the current coffee takeover of Jakarta, people tend to get way too serious about the coffee they drink/brew/harvest/grind/snort(?). SRSLY coffee tries to do exactly the opposite, by taking things lightly over this demi-god of a beverage that people tend to overly defend based on their personal taste and belief. "Why so serious?" as joker puts it. After all, it's only coffee, right?


The brand identity is intentionally made overly simple to illustrate the simplicity embraced by the owner of this little gem of a coffee shop. However, the application of the brand, the graphics, and narrative, are based on some distorted and sometimes exaggerated reality. The copywriting on the material is based on responses to someone who takes things too seriously in life, by telling them that it's not always the case and there is always a brighter side.

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